Continuing Education Center

The Continuing Education Centre, founded in 2001 with the philosophy of 'lifelong learning for everyone,' carries out programs that are open both to Doğuş University students and people outside the university.

Individuals whose ages, careers and education levels are different in various fields such as professional and personal development, art, culture and foreign language are reached by common ground of education.

The DUCEC Program offers the opportunity to benefit from its academic experience and outstanding educational environment. Additionally, there is a close relationship with public and private sectors. Thus, programs are developed in accordance with the business world. DUCEC Programs are formed by closely monitoring the different needs, demands and expectations of various sectors. The work of the centre, which is accepted as a part of the concept of social awareness of Doğuş University, contributes to Turkish raised/raising labor force and the development of society in the light of education.

Within the body of DUCEC there are short-term programs, seminars and certificate programs. In addition, training and certification programs are also organised for corporations.


For detailed information about current programs please visit the DUCEC webpage
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