Animation Laboratory
The Animation Laboratory is especially used for the practice of Visual Communication Design course. An illuminated table which is special for animation studies is placed in the laboratory. It is also designed to meet the computer and internet needs of the degree students except their animation studies.
Personal Computer Laboratories
At computer laboratories in which all Doğuş University students benefit from, all programs which are conducive to operate different studies are loaded. At University premises, there are nine computer laboratories all with Internet access at different points.
CAD/CAM Laboratory
In the Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) laboratories, students can make production in real terms by transferring the materials they have designed on the computer, or the programs they have created by using special coding techniques to the system. With the assembly lines and the robot unit added to the system, students can also monitor and operate "non-human production" systems.
CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) Laboratory
At this laboratory, students gain theoretical and practical experience. During the school years, Doğuş University students have been provided with the chance to analyse and learn the solutions to potential high-technology problems that can be encountered in various industries.
Electronics and Communication Engineering Laboratory
The laboratory, which the students of the Faculty of Engineering use, has all the necessary electronics and technological infrastructure. Test tables have been prepared for two students working at the same time together. In addition, through the LABVIEW software program available in the laboratory, students have the opportunity to perform various experiments in computer environment.
Physics Laboratory
Students of Physics, Mathematics departments and the Faculty of Engineering, in parallel with the theoretical subjects covered/ taken in basic physics lessons in the first year, perform a variety of mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical experiments in physics laboratories. Thus, students can observe the laws of physics, which are taught at, with experiments and they can have the opportunity of understanding the subjects better. In addition to the educational laboratories, "Spintronic and Noise Spectroscopy Research Laboratory, which was established within the Division of Physics", electronic and magnetic properties of multi-layer magnetic systems used in the spintronic applications are studied. In the laboratory that was created with the support of Doğuş University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) as well as traditional pump it-measure techniques, noise spectroscopy techniques are also used. Between the used experimental mechanisms, there are closed-circuit cooling system of 10-300K + / - 1T electromagnet and nano-volt resolution noise spectroscopy system.
Chemistry Laboratory
In the first year, in parallel with chemistry theoretical knowledge taught at in chemistry lessons to the students of Engineering Faculty experimental practices are carried out in chemistry laboratory. In laboratories students, generally in groups, are provided with recognizing anion- cation analysis, precipitation, neutralization, chemical substances and reactions with/ through redox reaction experiments. In addition to this , Virtual Chemistry Laboratory (simulation laboratory) are also frequently utilized. In particular, inorganic reactions, thermochemistry, titration, gases, and quantum chemistry experiments by simulating the error calculations, graphing, linear regression, and about the computations are performed in this laboratory and it is also possible to carry out the experiment 1.016.
Macintosh Labs
The laboratories, which are used by students of Graphic, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design departments, include i-macs, video projectors, and color printers. These laboratories, where drawing, graphic, design, and etc. studies are conducted, also include the latest necessary versions of all software for project assingments.
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
It is mainly used by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. There are basic electronics and instrumentation, training kits, training sets of sensor and universal tensile and compression testing device in the laboratories. In addition, surface analysis and imaging microscope, hardness tester, heat transfer and flow measurement, shaft torsion and bending experimental setups are also available. In the laboratories, experiments with "basic electronic measurement methods using the standard electronic devices, basic sensors and the experiments, whose necessary signal processing circuits set up by students, the materials of mechanics and strength tensile and compression tests, three-point bend test, 4-point bending and deep drawing measuring ability test can be carried out.
Microprocessor Laboratory
The laboratory which students of Faculty of Engineering benefits from is among the most important application environments particularly for Computer Engineering and Information Systems Engineering departments. Laboratories equipped with Motorola and Intel training sets provide specialized micro- process training in a very large field.
Multimedia Laboratory
The laboratory which is in the body of Library and Documentary center has the appropriate technological equipment which enables students to use multimedia applications. In addition, 52 multimedia support classes with the necessary infrastructure have been established to give/ present all kinds of computer-aided presentations. These classrooms are particularly used in the handling of the visual expression courses.
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