The Code of Ethics

1- Respect human rights and liberties.
2- Allow no discrimination or prejudice on the basis of religion, languages, race, ethnic origin, opinion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or like.
3- Create and maintain at the University an atmosphere that nurtures free discussion.
4- Preserve the freedom of learning and teaching, knowledge acquisition and information dissemination.
5- Support the advancement of academic knowledge by all parties.
6- Achieve a balance between confidentiality and transparency of information.
7- Observe mutual respect among individuals and academic and administrative units on campus.
8- Exercise effective, efficient and careful use of institutional resources.
9- Maintain focus on human and social benefit and responsibility in all institutional acts and decisions.
10- Nurture the development of competency of individuals; conduct affairs in an honest and reliable manner while being aware of due rights and responsibilities.
11- Nurture the development of professional competency; perform duties with integrity and in conformity with institutional principles of quality and effectiveness.
12- Support personal development and recognize the value of academic merit, experience and conscientious work.
13- Exercise authority in good faith with a view to protect academic autonomy and freedom; carry out duties and responsibilities to full extent; promote all the above principles within and outside the institution.

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