From The Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear Students,

We all know that you started to dream about university life even when you were in high school and that you all have different expectations. Now you are about to take a decision which will probably change the course of your life.

Choosing which subject to study and in which university to study in is the most important decision of your life as the subject that you will study lovingly will affect your job and in turn your job will affect your whole life.

Researching the quality of the academic staff of the subject that you will choose is of vital importance.

Another important criterion that will affect your choice is the city that you are going to live in, in particular regarding the available transportation facilities and opportunities for social activities.

We, as Doğuş University, believe that you deserve a university education which will fulfil all these demands and more, and this catalogue will guide you to know more about our university, a university located in the city centre, and a university that you have dreamed about.

With our academic staff which consists of the most prestigious lecturers in their fields, we believe that we will not only provide you with a university diploma, but also contribute to the future plans you have mapped out in your dreams. With the quality education we provide at an international level, we aim to help you acquire a global perspective as Doguş University graduates.

We are aware that no achievements are coincidental and we continue to adopt this approach in order to continue to improve as a University. According to the URAP Center reports that have been published since 2010, Doğuş University has maintained its place as one of the best 3 private universities in Istanbul and one of the best 5 private universities in Turkey. Moreover, it has taken its place as one of the best universities, not only according to the URAP Center* reports, but also according to the results announced by the Web of Science which is one of the most reputable databases in the academic world.

In this most important phase of your life, our expert academic consultants can help you with everything that you need support with, particularly choosing in which subject to study.

We expect to see you at Dogus University. We look forward to achieving new successes together.

With love and respect,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alkan ÇELİK
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

*URAP Center 2013 reports and the other reports it has published so far are available from the website address http://tr.urapcenter.org/2013/2013 t4.php.

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