Message From The Rector

Dear Students,

Ranking among the most prominent universities with its utter solemnity and high quality both in national and international assessments, you should take pride in being a student at Doğuş University which is one of the leading universities in Turkey.

Our academic staff consist of members who conduct globally significant (scientific and academic) research and whose educational skills and competencies are highly qualified. Hence you should consider yourself lucky.

It is not just schooling that matters to be successful individuals in life. Enjoy the social and cultural events held at and around Doğuş University which is located here in Acıbadem, Kadıköy, one of the most beautiful and central districts of İstanbul. Keep in mind that the best years in life are our school years. Be aware of this fact and make the most of it. Do not underestimate your lectures. Utilize effectively those opportunities provided to you for your cultural development. When you graduate, your experience and competences should suffice to get your feet on the ground.

I wish you success , health and happiness.


Prof. Dr. Abdullah DİNÇKOL

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