Pschology Education Laboratory
Doğuş University Psychological Education Center (DUPEL) is a education, research and service unit which is based on the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program at the Social Studies Institution. Psychological help and counseling services are offered free of charge to DU students and staff at DUPEL. The service areas of DUPEL are "individual counseling and psychotherapy, psychological tests and assessments, individual development group interventions". "Emergency help, medication use evaluations, official psychological evaluations such as custody and guardianship, substance abuse programs" are not considered as DUPEL service areas. The services at DUPEL are focused on:
Eating disorders
Interpersonal problems
Planning and time management skills
Exam anxiety
Study skills
Self-esteem development
Communication skills
Stress management

An initial application form is to be filled out in order to get counseling at DUPEL. Based on the information given in the application form, a therapist and a supervisor are appointed to the client.

The therapists who undertake the psychotherapeutic interventions are the training psychologists who have completed their psychology undergraduate program and continue the DU Clinical Psychology Graduate Program. The supervisors are the faculty members who hold a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. The problem is defined by the therapist and the supervisor during the first interview with the client, and the psychotherapical intervention continues until the problem is resolved. Also, two -hour group interventions that last between 6 to 8 weeks are periodically held at DUPEL in order to help the personal development of the client as well as individual psychotherapeutic interventions to solve the existing psychological problems.

The clients are informed about the of undertakings of the center and their consent is taken before the start of the therapeutic interventions at DUPEL, which gives counseling according to the principles established by the ethical commissions of the American Psychology Association and Turkish Psychology Association. No information about the client is shared with the third parties without a written consent of the client. Based on the principle of the "hidden information", the content of all the interviews is confided among the client, the therapist and the supervisor.

Contact Info

+90 (216) 444 79 97 / 1337
dupel@dogus.edu.tr  http://psychology.dogus.edu.tr/dupel.htm

DUPEL provides service from 9:00 to 5:00 during week days
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