Web Based Services
Online Registration System - http://nokta.dogus.edu.tr
You can renew your registration and select your courses through Nokta Automation System.
Dusor - www.dogus.edu.tr/dusor
You can access your attendance and course grade information using Dusor.
Dogus WebMail - https://mail.dogus.edu.tr
You can access your e-mails via the internet using Dogus webmail.
Office365 - http://www.microsoftonline.com/
Doğuş mails for those using Office365 can be reached via the following address.
Institutional Portal for Internal Communication - http://yonetim
Portal used for internal communication
Information Portal - http://dushare.dogus.edu.tr
Information sharing.
DuReserve - www.dogus.edu.tr/durezerve
University facilities can be reserved through the service.
IT Support Interface - destek.dogus.edu.tr
IT Support Interface
DuTrack - www.dogus.edu.tr/dutakip
The program for instructors to keep track of students' nonattendances.
DuStaff - https://www.dogus.edu.tr/dupersonel
The programme that enables the academic and administrative members of staff to check personal employee information and update their CVs
DusorMaster - www.dogus.edu.tr/dusormaster
The program that allows Masters students to access their grades.
DuReport - www.dogus.edu.tr/dureport
The reporting portal of Dogus University.
Library Account - http://kutuphane.dogus.edu.tr/
You can extend the check-out period and make reservations for loaned publications.
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