Successful Progress in Preventing “Congenital Heart Disorders”
It has been 2 years in “Project of Preventing Congenital Heart Diseases with Engineering Approach” carried out in cooperation of Doğuş University and USA Cornell University. Machinery Engineering Faculty Member Asst. Prof. Hüseyin Çağatay Yalçın is conducting the study supported by EU Framework Program Marie Curie Scholarship on behalf of Doğuş University.

A proud report was published upon the first assessment by EU at the end of project’s 2nd year. In the Project assessment report, it is stated that congenital heart diseases are examined with a bioengineering approach and this is an original Project for both Turkey and the World. It is stated that this pioneering Project will make way for other more comprehensive projects that will influence human life directly in the future. On these terms, the Project is seen as a “first step” and found very successful on financial and scientific terms for the past 2 years.

In the 4 year project, experimental studies have been completed in Doğuş and Cornell Universities so far. Project also offers Doğuş University students an important experience. 2 different dissertations studied by 6 students in Machinery Engineering Department have been completed. Also, Machinery Engineering 4th grade student Aykut Serdar Dursun also attended the studies carried out by Asst. Prof. Yalçın last summer when he was in Cornell University in the USA. Dursun gained a significant experience especially in experimental techniques when he graduated.

In the coming 2 years of the Project, medical images acquired so far will be processed and heart diseases will be investigated with models to be created through computer sampling. When completed, an experimental methodology that includes an computer sampling allowing the investigation of congenital heart disorders for the first time will be developed. With this method, the development of congenital heart disorders will be understood by studying the biological development stages of heart disorders in details and new treatment strategies will be possible to be developed.

On the other hand, TÜBİTAK decided to support the two projects to be carried out by Asst. Prof. Yalçın related to this project. It is estimated that the projects “Development of Diagnostic Techniques for Precision Computational Aortic Heart Valve Defects” and “Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Heart Out obstructions on Abnormal Embryonic Heart Development" that are still on initial stages will be completed in 2015.

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