Publicity Office

The Doğuş University Publicity Office communicates with people and institutions that the university is in contact with or should get in contact with. It works to ensure that Doğuş University reaches the target audience in accordance with the mission, vision and basic values of Doğuş University. Fairs, panel discussions, conferences, interviews, school and private teaching institution visits are some of our main methods to maintain communication. The Publicity Office works under the Rector in all its activities.

It ensures to communicate with the people and institutions that will be beneficial for Doğuş University. With a sense of mutual understanding and trust, The Publicity Office works to make contact with people and institutions in order to get and give support in necessary projects and to maintain these contacts.

It works as Doğuş University's window to the world by publicizing the university properly, leaving a positive impression on the target audience and increasing the preferability of the university.

It is of vital importance to shape all of our work with a Corporate Identity, the culture of the institution, the needs and expectations of the university and to carry out all activities in a regular and systematic way.

Contact Info

Education Coordinator
Gökhan Rıza Şinel
Phone: +90(216) 444 79 97 Extension : 1363
E-mail: gsinel@dogus.edu.tr
Address : 1st Block Office:503/A

Engin Çelikoğlu
Phone: +90(216) 444 79 97 Extension : 1200
E-mail: ecelikoglu@dogus.edu.tr
Address : 1st Block Office:503/B
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