Corporate Communication Department

The Corporate Communications department functions in line with the strategic plan and program to define the communication objectives of Doğus University. The department assures information flow between the faculties and other departments and operates in several key areas including advertising, publicity, media relations management, media follow-up, organization, graphic design, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility in accordance with the mission and basic principles of the university.

Activities operated by corporate communication department are very important for Doğuş University to achieve corporate goals and objectives. To develop accurate strategies by defining exact expectations of the target audience and to coordinate all communication activities in line with these strategies are the main duty of this department.

The stabilization and success of these actions will bring contribution to establish the corporate identity and create a bond between the institution and all related parties such as students, academic staff and administrative personnel.

Communications department is expected to lead the requirements of the university with purposeful and deceptive understanding and bring value by considering the conditions of our time and the country.

Contact Info

Public relations specialist
Gözen Akın
Phone : +90 (216) 444 79 97 Extension: 1399
E-mail: gakin@dogus.edu.tr
Address: 1st Block Floor:2 Office: 501/B

Graphic Artist
Begüm Durak
Phone : +90 (216) 444 79 97 Extension: 1412
E-mail: bdurak@dogus.edu.tr
Address: 1st Block Floor:2 Office: 501/A

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