Cultural and Art Activities
Doğuş University welcomes everyone at any age with well-equipped saloons and the advantage of being at the city centre. Doğuş University hosts residents of İstanbul for the activities such as concerts, theatres, cinema, dance performances, conferences, seminars and biennials. Organizations are held professionally in the halls equipped with technologically developed sound and light systems. In accordance with the demands outside activities of different institutions can be help in the halls when rented or the halls can be used for joint work by the institutions which we cooperate with.

In Doğuş Art Gallery in Hasanpaşa Campus works in the fields of painting, graphic, architecture, visual communication and industrial design are displayed. It presents outstanding works both from the Art Faculty of Doğuş University and outside art community. Doğuş Art Gallery which embraces amateur and professional works from different disciplines is open to everyone who is fond of art.

4th Block lobby and cultural centre lounges are used for various art activities by Doğuş University and also by public and private sector institutions. It makes it easy to carry out the activities successfully to have a suitable and elegant design for exhibitions.
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Information about the halls and conditions of use;

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