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The Dean of Students at Doğuş University is a unit that acts as a bridge between students and the university administration. Students can share all their personal issues, general concerns, wishes, requests and suggestions with the university administration through the Dean of Students.

The most important mission of the Dean of Students is to ensure students are well equipped and informed in terms of personal, social, cultural, artistic and physical development, in addition to their academic progress, and to create an environment in which they acquire both the professional and social skills required to become successful and active individuals through activities in these areas.

Having been founded with the mission stated above, the Dean of Students supports, encourages and guides student social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities as well as activities in all other areas of interest.

Our students explore areas of their own interest in the student clubs that they establish. In order to hold these activities effectively, these clubs which cover a wide range of areas, operate under the constant supervision of the Dean of Students.

The fundamental philosophy of the dynamic process that is generated between students and the Dean of Students is to supplement the regular curricular activities of their academic development with extracurricular educational activities that meet their interests, abilities, aptitudes and career objectives, throughout their time at university starting from preparatory school until they graduate from university, and thus provide a lively, colourful and enjoyable intellectual atmosphere at the university.

The Dean of Students comprises a Career Planning Unit, Alumni Association Office, Department of Sports and Non-Governmental Activities Unit. Student clubs and the Student Council hold their activities and under the constant supervision of the Dean of Students.

The Introduction to University Life (UYG 100) course, which has been established in the 2011-2012 academic year, is also conducted under the coordination of the Dean of Students. The objective is to help our first year students through this non – credit but compulsory course find answers to the questions they may have in their minds during the initial days of their university lives. The course, which is designed to give our students a taste of university life in general and to enable them to familiarize themselves better with Doğuş University, is scheduled at the beginning of the academic year for five days and consists of many different activities.

The 'Student Job Service Program' has been in operation since the academic year of 2004-2005.''It is based on the principle of helping students to gain professional life experience through participating in the work environment at university, to foster their social and cultural development, to familiarize themselves with the managerial and organizational structures of different units of the university, and to provide them with a specific income.

In order to encourage outstanding extra-curricular achievements, 'the Award Committee' of the Dean of Students awards nominated students with the "Extra-Curricular Activities Award" at the end of each spring semester.

Alaattin ŞENTÜRK
Deputy Dean of Students

Contact Info

Deputy Dean of Students
Alaattin Şentürk
Phone: +90 (216) 444 79 97 Extension : 1387
Fax: 0216 327 96 31
E-mail: asenturk@dogus.edu.tr
Address: 1st Block Office No: 617

Students Dean Assistant
Süleyman Ata Kaya
Phone: +90 (216) 444 79 97 Extension : 1210
Fax: 0216 327 96 31
E-mail: skaya@dogus.edu.tr
Address: 1st Block Office No: 617

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