Disability Support Unit

Our main goal is to ensure that students, faculty and staff with disabilities have access to equal opportunities to participate fully in the academic and social experiences in the campus; thus to promote an accessible campus with physical, academic and social facilities.

Disability Support Unit works in cooperation with other units of the university in order to identify the existing and possible difficulties that the students, staff and university community might encounter in the educational environment. The unit is committed to provide reasonable accommodations and related services to students with documented disabilities and to ensure they benefit from all aspects of the university life.

Disability Support Unit is responsible to follow up the needs and demands of the individuals, determine and offer the services and accommodations and to evaluate the outcomes.

Our mission is to create an accessible and culturally sensitive campus by building partnerships with the university community and beyond. Our services include:

Increasing awareness of the university community with seminars, courses and conferences
Provision of assistive technology that are based on the disability-related needs identified in the academic and executive departments of the university
Assistance to the academic staff in terms of educational accessibility
Identification of the required accomodations and standards to ensure physical accessibility of the campus including social facilities
Enhancing the communication of disabled students as one of the many groups that make up our campus community through meetings, organizations, mail groups etc.
Meetings with a specialist to develop learning strategies and counselling for their physical, social and psychological difficulties
Partnership with the students in "Fellowship Support Program" and "Student Job Service Program"
Diagnostic testing and interpretation if possible in the university environment and implement the necessary accommodations
Referrals to other university and community resources
Monitoring the applications and accomodations in the campus on the behalf of disabled individuals
Facilities in Doğuş University

The new building that was stepped in 2007, has the full accessibility with platforms, automatic sliding doors, elevators and restrooms for disabled individuals. For further information:

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Laws and Regulations

"The right of education of disabled people cannot be prevented for any reason. They must be provided with equal education with disabled people and in inclusive environments by taking the special conditions and differences into consideration"

(The Turkish Disability Act, 2005) : http://www.ozida.gov.tr/mevzuat/kanun.htm

The laws and regulations about disability:
The Higher Education Council (YÖK)
The Turkish Disability Act


All students requesting services and/or accomodations can apply the Disability Support Center in person or via e-mail. Following your application, the student and the specialist schedule an intake appointment.

There are three ways a student can Schedule an appointment:

All academic and personal information is kept confidential in accordance with the university policies. The specialist will not release information to others without the permission of the student.

DSD appreciates the participation of students and the staff in order to work more efficiently and reach out our goals. We would be happy if you would like to volunteer or support DSC.

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