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(Bu kesin bir liste değildir. Gerekli görülen durumlarda listede olmayan sorular da sorulabilir.)


1 “All murderers should be executed.” What do you think about it? Is this issue controversial all over the world? Why / why not?
2 “Education is a must in one’s life.” What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?
3 “Reading broadens one’s horizons.”
4 “Words are loaded pistols.” What do you think about this expression?
5 Are examinations necessary / important? Why / why not?
6 Because of technology people have become lazier.
7 Do you agree or disagree that we should be spending money on space travel? Why?
8 Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sports? Why?
9 Do you think it is better for university students to live with their family or alone?
10 Do you think more money should be used for research into new medical treatments?
11 Do you think people over the age of 65 should not be allowed to drive?
12 Do you think sports personalities deserve the large amounts of money that they are paid?
13 Do you think that art should be done for the sake of art or for society’s benefit?
14 Do you think that the way people dress reflects their personality?
15 Do you think the kind of music people prefer to listen to reflects their personality?
16 Do you think tobacco advertising should be allowed on TV? Why / why not?
17 Do you think violent sports such as boxing should be banned?
18 Everyone has a tendency to tell lies.
19 Fanaticism in sports.
20 Girls are more industrious than boys at school.
21 Giving advice is the easiest thing to do in life.
22 Having a pet makes people happier and less stressful.
23 How can traffic congestion in a city be reduced?
24 How do you think being a working person is different from being a university student?
25 How do you think divorce affects children?
26 How do you think the world will change in the next century?
27 How do you think violent films affect children?
28 How do you think your diet (the way you eat) affects your health?
29 How does mass media affect people’s lives?
30 In contrast to what is believed, school life is the most boring period in life.
31 In order to become a developed country the duration of vacations should be reduced in Turkey.
32 In order to prevent misunderstandings, there must be mutual respect between people.
33 In Turkey, who has an easier life? Men or women?
34 In what ways do you think the lifestyles of famous people are different from the lifestyles of ordinary people?
35 In what ways has İstanbul (or Turkey) changed in the last 50 years?
36 Is Turkey a European country or do we still have a long way to go?
37 Is TV a child’s friend or enemy?
38 It is said that laughing leads to longevity.
39 Making a strong friendship is as difficult as maintaining it.
40 Men are more aggressive than women.
41 Money is the root of all evil.
42 People can learn more when they travel than when they read.
43 Recycling is an important issue nowadays. Why is this and what should we do to support it?
44 Sleeping is just a waste of time in our short but precious life.
45 Some days, such as Mothers Day and Saint Valentine’s Day, have been commercialised to make people spend money.
46 Technological and scientific developments are necessary for society.
47 First impressions can be misleading.
48 The University Entrance Examination should be banned.
49 To what extent does fashion influence the way we dress?
50 What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house?
51 What are the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?
52 What are the dangers of sunbathing?
53 What are the most important events in one’s life? Why?
54 What can be done to help disabled people?
55 What can we do for the homeless to make them have a better life?
56 What can we do to become healthier?
57 What should be done to protect nature and the environment?
58 What criticisms do you have about older people like your parents / grandparents /teachers etc.?
59 What do you think about “divorce”? Is it immoral? Why / why not?
60 What suggestions have you got for the Turkish national team to win the world cup?
61 What do you think about cloning?
62 What do you think about having a job while you are studying at university?
63 What do you think about restricting the rights of the media?
64 What do you think about terrorism in the world?
65  What do you think about the life of working women?
66 What do you think about TV commercials? In what ways are people influenced?
67 What do you think is the most important / serious problem in the world today?
68 What do you think people should do in order to protect themselves in an earthquake?
69 What improvements should be made to hospitals in the area that you live?
70 What is the best machine / thing that has ever been invented? Why?
71 What was the most frightening experience in your life? Why?
72 What role does art have in life?
73 What kind of precautions can be taken to reduce the crime rate?
74 What kind of problems do teenagers have with their parents / families?
75 What kind of things should we think about when we’re choosing a job?
76 What qualifications should a person have in order to find a good job in Turkey?
77 What things should we do to stay fit and healthy?
78 When do people usually feel lonely? What are the possible reasons for loneliness?
79 Where do you think you will live and work in the future?
80 Which countries in the world would you like to visit and why?
81 Which one do you think is better? A small family or a big one? Why?
82 What is the most exciting sport for you? Why?
83 Which would you prefer? Working indoors or outdoors? Why?
84  Which two sporting events do you prefer to watch and why?
85 Why is football so popular in Turkey?
86 Would you prefer to live in the countryside or in the city? Why?




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