From The Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Ahmet-Alkan-CelikDear Students,

We all know that you started to dream about university life even when you were in high school and that you all have different expectations. Now you are on the verge of making a decision which will probably change the course of your life.

Deciding on which department of which university where to study is one of the most important choices of your life because a department you fondly study will affect your job/career, and this in turn will affect your whole life.

First thing you need to do is to do a research about the academic staff of the department you will choose.

Another important criterion that will affect your choice is the city you will live in terms of its transportation and social opportunities.

We, as  Doğuş University, believe that you deserve a university education which shall completely fulfill your needs and demands; and we offer you the opportunity to get to know your dream university in the city center of İstanbul.

With our prestigious academic staff, we believe that we do not only provide you a university diploma, but also we contribute to your future plans that you’ve been dreaming about. Our goal is to help you, the alumni of Doğuş University, gain a global point of view thanks to the quality education at an international level.

We know that no success is coincidence and we push ahead with this awareness. According to the URAP Center* reports that have been published since 2010, Doğuş University has been among the top 9 private universities in İstanbul and top 14 private universities in Turkey. Besides, the university has been one of the best universities according to the results of Web of Science, which is one of the most prominent databases in the academic world.

During this important process of your life, you can trust in our academic consultants in terms of any support you need, particularly for the department choice.

We’d like to see you at Doğuş University. Join us for achieving more success and implementing new projects together.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alkan ÇELİK
Chairman of the Board of Trustees