Outgoing Student

Selection Criteria

  • Students must complete their first year at Doğuş University.
  • Weighted grade point average for undergraduate and associate degree students should be at least 2.20, and not less than 2.50 for master and doctorate students .
  • 50% GPA and 50% English Proficiency Test

Contracted institutions have the right to reject students' applications.

When our students decide on the institution they plan to study, the International Office officially shares their information with the contracted institution. Please click here to see the list of contracted universities 

Required Documents for Application:

  • Application form of the contracted institution
  • Transcript
  • Learning Agreement/Protocol (The Learning Protocol is the protocol signed between the higher education institutions that make the exchange and defined before the beginning of the exchange period and the credits related to these courses must be reported.)
  • Photocopy of the passaport
  • 4 photos
  • The contracted university may request more documents.

After the official notification to the university, where the student will be educated, the student is obliged to learn the deadlines and necessary documents from the relevant university and to send the application to the university where he will be studying. With the letter of acceptance from the counterparty, an application is made to the Consulate of the relevant country to obtain a visa.

Students whose education period has ended must complete the following documents;

  • Attendance Certificate
  • Passport photocopy (check-in and check-out dates)
  • Transcript