Tuition Fees for Non-Thesis Master's Degree Programmes


ProgramPackage Fee (TL)Cash Payment OptionDeferred Payment OptionTotal
NON-THESIS MASTER'S (TURKISH)13.513,00 TL12.837,00 TL 121.126,08 TL13.513,00 TL
PSYCHOLOGY24.548,00 TL23,320,00 TL 241.022,83 TL24.548,00 TL
  • Non-Thesis Master Program Fees Cover 3 Semesters.
  • Tuition fee isn’t taken from the students who are enrolled to formal programs at most one course per semester. In total, each student can take advantage of this at most for two courses and two semesters.
  • In case of being unsuccessful twice consecutively from the same course, 10% of the education fee which is announced in the year that the student repeats the course is taken.
  • 8% VAT is included.
  • 50% discount is made for students who have graduated from Dogus University Associate degree, undergraduate degree and post graduate degree and apply for Ph. D Programs. (This discount is not made in Clinic Psychology Ph. D. Program)
  • Installment option is possible in TEB Uncertified Installment System with the credit cards Maximum, World, Bonus, Paraf and CardFinans.
  • Students who prefer TEB Uncertified Installment System from deferred payment option are required to be above the age 25 and an employee.
  • Students who enrolled before 2018-2019 Academic Year Fall Semester will continue their payment depending on their enrollment requirements.
  • 5% discount is made for cash payment.
  • 10% discount is made for siblings. (Siblings are required to have education at the same time)
  • Tuition fee per lesson is 1,500,00 TL for Scientific Preparation.