Call for Papers

International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies

Organized by the Departments of English Language and Literature, and Sociology, Doğuş University

(4-5 May 2021)

Location: Doğuş University, Istanbul, Turkey

As a philosophy of plenty (Hartley 2003), Cultural Studies continues to function as a lively field of debate and dialogue. The reason behind this success largely dwells on the importance it attaches to cultural forms that have been excluded from the traditional definition of culture. These forms include popular culture, minority cultures and mass media culture. Yet it is also regarded as a problematic field of inquiry due to its lack of proper method and its too direct engagement with contemporary realities, etc. Nonetheless, it has been a field of debate and dialogue, tackling intellectual, cultural and philosophical questions of the day. Particularly, power mechanisms and politics have become persistent features of Cultural Studies. Starting with the 1990s, the focal point has been extended to other forms of culture such as Visual Studies, Media Studies, Postcolonial Studies and Gender Studies.

Cultural Studies also focuses on the common convictions, types of behaviour, and other features of a specific group or community. People and organizations identify themselves through culture, adhere to the shared values of society, and contribute to society. Culture therefore encompasses many elements of society: language, customs, values, norms, morals, laws, instruments, techniques, goods, organisations and installations.

By reflecting on how these issues are framed differently across disciplines, and in accordance to particular area-studies approaches, the main objective of this conference is to stimulate an interdisciplinary, globally focused dialogue, on the role of culture in our lives.

We welcome abstracts including but not limited to the following aspects of Critical and Cultural Studies:

  • Critical and Cultural Theory
  • Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Migration
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Class Media
  • Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Environmental Studies

Abstracts (about 250 words), with the name of the author, institutional affiliation, contact address (e-mail), and a brief bio-note should be sent to the conference organizers by 20 January 2020 at the following address:

Deadlines: Approved participants will be notified by the end of February at the latest.

A volume of selected papers will be published following the conference.