Erasmus+ is an EU programme run by Turkish National Agency to promote cooperation between higher education institutions. The communication between the European Commission and Turkish universities holding an EUC (Erasmus University Charter) is managed by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union Education and Youth Programmes Center (National Agency). The European Commission also provides financial support for the exchange by offering grants to students that are selected for the exchange programme. Every university in Turkey that participates in the Erasmus+ Programme requests grants from the National Agency for all candidate Erasmus students selected for the following academic year. The National Agency evaluates these grant requests from all Turkish universities and informs the European Commission. Please click here for detailed information on Turkish National Agency and Erasmus+ Programme. Erasmus+ Programme enables higher education institutions to design and carry out joint projects and supports student and staff exchange for a semester or a year. Doğuş University is one of the first Turkish universities participating in Erasmus programme since 2005. Our higher education institutions holds many Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements and are still contributing to the programme with an increasing number of exchange students and academic staff every year.

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