Internationalization Policy

Internationalization Policy

Doğuş University has set its vision “to become a world class university by always aiming for perfection about teaching, training, research, and public service” and its mission “to raise competent and versatile individuals who would be acquainted with their country and the world” so as to realize its internationalization policy. By including the internationalization policy in three different sections in its Strategic Plan, The University has set the goals as follows:

  • To make our Master’s and PhD programmes preferable among domestic and international students
  • To make our postgraduate education more prepotent
  • To increase the participation in the research endorsement projects other than scientific research projects (FP7, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, TÜBİTAK, SANTEZ etc.)
  • To create a human resource of skilled researchers and maintain this resource by making the necessary alterations in terms of human resources policy to reach the world standards of academic productivity
  • To improve national and international cooperation
  • To amplify the international aspect of the university’s educational and research related activities
  • To increase our students’ international academic experiences
  • To enhance the international mobilities of our academic and administrative personnel

Doğuş University emphasizes on supporting internationalization activities by all available resources and improving itself to become a brand that is not only recognized within Turkey, but throughout the world for its internationalization policy. The university holds multiculturalism, respecting individual differences, win-win approach, international memberships, and accreditation as its core values.


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