The purpose of the Computer Technology program is to train intermediate manpower who will work in the fields of planning, designing, and producing computer and network software, which can analyse the problems in business and social life, software and use scientific methods in solving problems with an algorithmic thinking approach.

The Computer Technology program trains modern technicians who have a high level of knowledge and experience in the fields of hardware and software, and who have a vision of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The education period of the program is two years, and the language of education is Turkish. Optional English Preparatory Class is available. In addition, by participating in a 30-day workplace practice training, our students reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practical experiences and meet with the business areas and people they will work in the future at the student stage.


Vertical Transfer Opportunities

The graduates of the Department of Construction Technology can continue their undergraduate education by passing the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) to the Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Technology and Information Systems, Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching, Computer and Software Engineering, Computer-Informatics, Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Physics Engineering, Statistics, Statistics and Computer Sciences , Control and Automation Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics-Computer, Meteorological Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Software Engineering.


Career Opportunities

Our graduates of the Construction Technology Program can take part/work as Computer Operator, Computer Technician, Technical Service Officer, Programmer, Analyst in data processing centres.

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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