The purpose of this program is to educate future professionals, who abide by ethical rules, have advanced technical drawing capabilities and possess the requires vocational capacity to produce design related solutions in place by using technology and creativity in the interior design of buildings.

Within the scope of this program, disciplined people who are familiar with furniture and relevant ergonomics, illumination and its techniques, selection of building materials and calculations, who can bring along architectural and technical innovation to the sector are educated.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

  • Hand crafts
  • Traditional Turkish hand crafts
  • Traditional Turkish arts
  • Interior design
  • Interior design and environmental design
  • Architecture
  • Illumination

Career Opportunities

  • Projects of restoration firms
  • Design departments of furniture and decoration workshops
  • Illustrator and/or designer for architecture and engineering offices
  • Model making offices and other similar sectors with different titles
  • Governmental institutions as well as the private sector as technicians.

Double Major Opportunities

  • Architectural restoration
  • Computer programming
  • Photography and camerawork
  • Fashion design
  • Graphic design
Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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