The objective of program in Culinary is to be satisfy the expectations in the service sector; required handicraft skill, to be able to produce via synthesize imagination and creativity, cooking techniques and materials knowledge, to bring innovation to kitchen techniques, advanced palate, to have enough knowledge about World and Turkish Cuisine, to train staff with academic knowledge and discipline.

Improving the skills of advanced kitchen techniques with kitchen applications training, to provide the individual with the adequateness for future possible employment areas to serve the community.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

According to the DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı / Vertical Transfer Exam) result, they can switch over to the 4 year sections related to their field. 

Related 5 year programs

  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Gastronomy and culinary arts
  • The Food Engineering
  • Food and Beverage Management



30 working days

Career Opportunities

Cookery program graduates are employed such as schools, hospitals, business kitchens, hotels, cafes, chain restaurants, catering companies, special restaurants serving the world cuisines, pastries-sweet serving kitchens, pastry industry, food factories, national and international food and beverage companies and accommodation services cuisine and the airlines catering


Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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