Mechanic technicians have the opportunity to work in a vast area, from computer aided design and production to line planning, from marine affairs to aviation. The mechanic technicians program at the School of Advanced Vocational Studies deals with the design, production and maintenance of a variety of equipment, machinery, devices, instruments, system and processes, which are needed in daily life, as well as production.

Moreover, students will be required to complete an internship of a total of 30 business days, where they will reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practice and seize the opportunity to meet their future workplaces and coworkers, while they are still students.

Graduates of this program can assume the title of mechanic technician and work at a number of institutions and firms, working in all kinds of areas with different procedures, related to machinery. They can work at many governmental institutions as a technician or find a job in the private sector. Such a technician can work at all kinds of public and private institutions that execute machining/non-machining production and technical services. Graduates can also open their own workplaces. They can also find job opportunities in technological infrastructure companies, R&D institutions, technological consultancy and execution companies, production companies, service companies, lighting sector and industrial control and automation companies.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Shipmaking and Marine Machinery Engineering
  • Marine Machinery Operations Engineering
  • Marine and Marine Technologies Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Agricultural Machinery

Career Opportunities

  • Factories that manufacture with 3D production methods
  • Firms that manufacture with machining methods such as CNC lathing, routing and Integrex
  • Firms that manufacture with hot shaping methods such as casting and forging
  • Companies that carry out non-destructive inspections without quality control after production
  • CAD-CAM-3B Printer Operations
  • Factories that manufacture with extrusion
  • Welding process specialist
  • Warehouse Manager for raw materials and finished products
  • Factories that manufacture with power metallurgy
  • Companies that work in maintenance, support and operations
  • Printing houses
  • Glass manufacturing facilities
  • Companies that carry out finish procedures such as coating, polishing, waxing and painting
  • Factories that manufacture with pipe bending
  • Factories that manufacture with sheet forming
  • Factories that manufacture with composite production technologies
  • Production planning departments
  • Companies that manufacture with plastic injection
  • Aftersales support and integrated logistics departments
  • Factories that manufacture electrical machinery
  • Production departments such as furniture and so on that manufacture with wood and trees
  • Automotive industry
  • Service support for vehicle maintenance
  • Textile production facilities
  • Production and maintenance fields for aviation and marine departments
  • Cold shaping departments
  • Testing laboratories
  • Operational and maintenance departments for cranes and heavy machinery
  • Production departments for rubber and vulcan
  • Recycling fields
  • Computer aided analysis departments

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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