The social services program aims to train qualified, knowledgeable and skilled professionals in social work practices that are adapted to developing and changing conditions. The aim of this course is to reduce the workload of professional graduates with a bachelor's degree. Moreover, in today's world, where the effects of globalization are felt intensively, the need for intermediate staff working in this field and producing solutions is increasing. The social services program also helps to overcome this deficit.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will assist by professional knowledge and skills in solving the problems of various groups such as elderly people, disabled people, children in need of protection, the poor, unemployed, criminals and patients. Social Services Program students, in order to gain experience in working areas, to increase the likelihood of getting a job offer after graduation and internship opportunities to expand their social environment. In addition, the program graduates have the opportunity to take part in the efforts to solve individual, family and community problems and to eliminate inequalities and income distribution injustices that have become a significant problem in today's societies.

Students who successfully complete the Social Services Program can take the Vertical Transfer Exam and transfer to the Department of Social Work or Sociology and take a bachelor's degree. Students who do not intend to make vertical transfer are employed as professionals in ministries such as Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, local administrations, guidance and research centers, non-governmental organizations and foundations, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and women's workplaces.

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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