Medical Documentation and Secretarial Services

The objective of Program in Medical Documentation and Secretarial is to train human resources that have knowledge of fundamental principles, processes and management of healthcare services, and are able to communicate effectively.

In parallel with the development of the Health Services sector in Turkey, the need for qualified personnel is increasing. In line with this need, our aim is to educate the medical secretaries needed by health institutions and organizations.

At the end of the program, students will be able to communicate effectively with patients, patients, relatives and health workers, protocol rules, motivation to work, filing and archiving techniques, reporting, formal correspondence, medical terminology and so on. acquire skills about subjects.

The medical secretary carries out communication and correspondence services required for medical work and transactions in health institutions and organizations. make appointment services and patient acceptance services in health institutions and organizations keeps medical and administrative records of the patient. patient files and other documents and reports files, archives and service operations and clinical coding process is executed. The medical secretary compiles data on medical statistics and reports the results to the senior management and performs the discharge and transfer of the patient.

Within the scope of the Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program of Doğuş University; It is aimed to educate health personnel who are equipped with knowledge and skills in the field, who can use research, problem solving ability, have cultural accumulation and communication, use technological tools and equipment and give importance to human health.


Career Opportunities

Students who complete the program are given an associate degree diploma and the title of ‘Medical Secretary’. Graduates of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program are working in medical units such as clinic, polyclinic, laboratory, operating room, emergency department, medical board, patient acceptance, filing and archive. In parallel with the change in health services, the need for medical secretaries in private and public health institutions and establishments is increasing and job opportunities are increasing.


Vertical Transfer Opportunities

Students who graduate from this department can pass to faculties or 4 year colleges by DGS exam conducted by Measuring, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). Students who pass, will have two degrees, one is an associate and the other is a bachelor's degree.

Some of our students can pass through:

•Business Administration

•Health Management

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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