Occupational Health and Safety Program

The aim of the “Occupational Health and Safety Program” is to train “Occupational Health and Safety Technicians” who have the knowledge and skills required by the industrial organizations and who can assume the responsibility of all the work safety of an enterprise.

In this direction, it is aimed to train occupational safety technicians who has the necessary knowledge and equipment for the working life and who able to follow up to date information and legal regulations, investigating and questioning, protects employees from work accidents and occupational diseases, on the other hand perform risk analysis,  carry out work safety and health checks,  emergency application, fire prevention, registration and reporting.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

According to the DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı / Vertical Transfer Exam) result, they can switch over to the 4 year sections related to their field. 

Related 4 year programs

• Emergency and Disaster Management,

• Business,

• Business Administration,

• Occupational Health and Safety,

• Healthcare Management

• Social Services

Career Opportunities

With the Law No. 6331 on “Occupational Health and Safety”, which was enacted in 2012, important job opportunities were opened to the program graduates.students who graduate from the program can work as "Occupational Health and Safety Technician" in all institutions, organizations and enterprises. On the other hand, if they are successful in “Occupational Safety Specialist” exam, they can have Class C “Occupational Safety Specialist Certificate” and they can work as experts in enterprises classified as less dangerous.

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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