Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Objectives of the Program

The Objectives of the Program are to educate qualified technicians who have knowledge and skills about research pathology and follow developments in the field of health, supervise the quality and assurance of the pathology laboratory, know all the procedures to be applied in the delivery of the preparations to the pathologist, have the knowledge and skills to apply the necessary procedures in the execution of technical works in the laboratory up to the microscope stage, and in delivering the organ-tissue and fluid samples taken from the patient to the laboratory properly.

Vertical transition areas

  • Biology.
  • Bioengineering .
  • Biotechnology .
  • Biotechnology and Molecular Biology.
  • Genetics and Bioengineering .
  • Nursing.
  • Nursing and Health Services.
  • Molecular biology and genetics.


Job Opportunities 

Graduates of the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program can work in pathology and cytology laboratories of university hospitals, public hospitals and private hospitals, pathology laboratories of forensic medicine institutions, histology laboratories of medical schools, molecular pathology laboratories and companies that supply materials and equipment to laboratories.

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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