Globalization and the development of technology bring many requirements to the fore in today's age. The construction sector, which is defined as the locomotive sector in all economies, needs to be able to meet the needs of the age, to train qualified white-collar construction technical staff and to be employed in order to keep up with the requirements of the era.

The aim of the Construction Technology program is to train white collar technical intermediate people who are technically equipped about all types of structures, are aware of worker health and work safety, can read construction projects, can make static calculation, can prepare bill of quantities, progress payment and can carry out all necessary technical controls.It is aimed to train white collar people to the construction sector who are gained technical knowledge and managerial knowledge, are informed and can  manage  time, cost and quality processes which is dominated by all the processes of construction projects, have professional responsibility, and are conscious of business ethics and ethical rules.  It is objected to train white collar people who can reinforce the technical knowledge within the support of 30 workdays internships, can take part in all types of construction project and can have comprehensive knowledge of technological programs.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

The graduates of the Department of Construction Technology can continue their undergraduate education by passing the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) to the Civil Engineering and Architecture Departments.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates of the Construction Technology Program can take part/work in:

• Public and private organizations,

• Construction and project offices,

• Superstructure and infrastructure construction sites,

• Laboratories (cement, concrete and soil mechanics)

• Project Management and Construction Audit firms.

The graduates can be responsible of drawing architectural, static and site plans in project offices, the coordination between site workers and engineers in the substructure and superstructure construction sites, Moreover, graduates supervise the implementation of the projects and assists the engineer in the calculation of quantity and progress payments. Graduates who take parts in the laboratory are responsible of sampling, examination and report preparation processes, while the graduates can work as production and laboratory staff in the cement and concrete plants.

Training Period 2 Years
Education Language Turkish

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