Information Technology Center

Services in Doğuş University Information Technology Centre are conducted by System/Network and Technical Services, Software, Web Technologies units, offering developments in the field of informatics to Doğuş University students. Source sharing, internet output and central data storing services are offered through this one centre.

There is a strong, continuous data processing infrastructure between Dudullu Campus and Çengelköy Campus. Students can use 11 high performance computer labs and 3 individual working areas.

The computers labs have up-to-date applications and programs for different departments such as; maths, statistics, science, engineering and design. There are 50 multimedia classes which have home theatre system. Those multimedia classes enable lecturers to give their lectures and presentations using technology.

Every students has 1 TB cloud storage area, 50 gb e-mail account at Doğuş University with 100 Mbps internet access speed. Besides, each student can set up latest version of Microsoft Office program free on 5 different device and platform.

Doğuş Information Technologies Centre supports many softwares that have been improved for students use. It is responsible for improving softwares since the foundation of Doğuş University. Web Technologies Unit conducts web design, development and administration and also adapts projects to support the education at university.

The mission of the Information Technology Centre is, through the work of its staff, to follow developments in technology and help the university benefit from those developments to continue to be one of the forerunners in providing information technology to students at all times.


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Eray Umut ÖLÇ
Melike ÖZDOĞ
Yusuf Şİ