Erasmus Student Mobility

Corresponding the targets of European 2020 Strategy, Erasmus+ Program aims to present more efficient facilities, that encourage cooperation between different sectors, in the fields of education, youth and sports devoted to new requirements.

Student exchange materializes in two ways:

1. Education mobility
2. Internship mobility

The students who are registered to formal education in a higher education institution may attend student mobility in higher education. The students who study in the open and distance education programs are not allowed to attend the mobility.

Grants are donated only for the activities below that are conducted abroad:

– Full-time associate degree, BA, MA or PhD Works which are the main components of recognition of diploma/degree in a higher education institution holding Erasmus Charter of Higher Education (ECHE) and includes dissertation preparation (but research homework and external works that are out of the curriculum are not included),

– Full-time internships which are recognized by the higher education institution as a part of the student’s curriculum,

It is foreseen that a full-time student is a person who has not completed the works required by diploma/degree and has 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits course load for a semester.

A full-time internship means that the student works as a full-timer during the duration of the activity.