Learning Mobility

Students exchange mobility program is designed to provide higher education students with the opportunity to experience the foreign learning environments at the partner institutions abroad. Depending on the educational level, the mobility duration is expected to be completed in the same academic year with 3 to 12 months (1, 2 and for some countries 3 terms). Educational level refers to undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels. A student can benefit from the Erasmus exchange mobility programmes up to 12 months in all levels (undergraduate, graduate, PhD) throughout his/her studentship as long as there is enough grants given to the University.

Erasmus traineeship programs are included in the 12 month restriction for each educational level. For undergraduate levels, students in their first year and students who have just graduated cannot benefit from the mobility programmes. Only full time students can take part in exchange programmes. During their educational stay at the host university, students are expected to fulfill the (European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System) requirements for their diploma degrees. For one full academic year, the necessary ECTS is 60; for an academic year with two terms, each term is 30 and for an academic year with three terms, each term is 20 ECTS. Successfully completed credits will get academic approval. On the other hand, uncompleted credits need to be repeated at the host university.