Directorate Of Personnel Department

The main principles of Directorate of Personnel Department policy of our university are stated as below:

Perfection Secrecy Creativity
Honesty Civilization Broad Perspective
Objectivity Productivity Social Responsibility
  • Choosing the people qualified for the job, recruiting, assigning them the posts and training them in accordance with the needs of the job,
  • Supporting the creativity and entrepreneurship, success and the effort of the staff both physically and spiritually, developing systems in relation to this, providing a working conditions and a comfortable, secure working environment that is suitable for the job done and enabling the service quality of the university to improve which will make the staff work efficiently through the goals of the university.
  • Informing the staff about things in relation to them and making them work with the awareness of economy and cost efficacy alongside with the commitment to efficiency and productivity principles,
  • Enhancing the staff commitment to the university taking measures that will provide increase in motivation, team work and cooperation among the university staff in order to create working awareness and strengthen it, making working at the university stimulating,
  • Respecting the staff's personality, providing suitable and equal conditions in Professional and personal development
  • While choosing the staff to be recruiting giving priority to the expertise knowledge that both the job and the university's working principle's require, making the staff fulfill duties in accordance with their knowledge and abilities,
  • Making the staff contribute to the process of human resources policy creation, providing the staff idea and suggestion transmission to the university administration and thus developing communication style and conditions, and taking other precautions.