Culture and Arts

Doğus University opens the doors of theatre halls, which host various organizations to be performed perfectly, for everybody from seven to seventy. The halls, in which events such as concerts, theatre, cinema, dance, lectures, conferences, panels, congresses, biennials are held, welcome not only the members of the university but also the residents of Anatolian side. The halls, designed with the latest technology sound and light systems by taking the comfort of viewers into consideration, various organizations are performed professionally hosted by Doğuş University. In accordance with the external requests in the rentable halls different activities are performed by different institutions / organizations or they can be used for collaborative work by cooperating organizations with our university.

Dogus Art Gallery exhibits painting, graphic, architecture, visual communication, industrial products.

This gallery offering outstanding examples from Dogus University of Art and other universities in the world, has a dynamic structure that keeps its functioning throughout the year. Doguş Art Gallery, which meets amateur or professional works belonging to different disciplines with art lovers, is open to the visitors of Istanbul.

Cultural Centres will be open throughout the year and can be used by public or private sector organizations for various artistic events as well as Dogus University.

These halls designed comfortably and stylishly with convenient layout structure into the field of exhibition facilitate activities that are carried out successfully.