Date: 25 January 2022

Announcement from Doğuş University Rectorate

Dear Students,

Due to adverse weather conditions in Istanbul, in accordance with the official statements by Governorship of Istanbul, THE EXAMS PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED TO BE CONDUCTED FACE TO FACE BETWEEN 26th and 29 th JANUARY 2022 HAVE BEEN POSTPONED.

The lessons at Foreign Languages Unit English Preparatory Programme are to be held online. There is no change or postponement regarding the previously announced dates or hours of the exams to be held online on Douonline System.

The face-to-face exams previously announced to be conducted between 24th and 29 th January and postponed due to specified reasons are conducted between 7th and 12th February 2022 just as stated on schedule. The exam schedule is to be announced on OBS.

We wish our students a successful exam period and good health.