Date: 06 March 2019

Erasmus Exam List


An English written exam will be held on Saturday, 9 March 2019, at 11.00 in order to determine the students who will be eligible to study abroad within student exchange programmes in the Academic Year 2019 – 2020. Please make sure you have your Student ID with you. Students who do not have their Student IDs with them will not be allowed to sit the exam.

Below are the exam rooms for the written exam to be administered on Acıbadem Campus on Saturday, 9 March, 2019.

  1. B4- 303                           
  2. B4- 306                           
  3. B4- 307                           
  4. B4- 404                          

In order to pass the exam and be eligible for student mobility, students need to get at least B2 level in the (oral and written) English exam. If and when a student does not sit for the exam even though they have enrolled for it, “5 points” will automatically be deducted from their total score in the next Erasmus mobility application.

If and when a student decides not to participate in the Erasmus mobility even though they have been found eligible for participation and fails to submit their waiver letter to the Erasmus Office within 15 days, “10 points” will automatically be deducted from their total score in one of their future Erasmus mobility applications.


Selection Criteria

The evaluation criteria and weighted scores to be used in assessing mobility applications are:


Weighted Score

Academic achievement level

50% (over a total of 100 points)

Language level

50% (over a total of 100 points)

Martyr and veteran children

+15 scores

Students for whom there is a court ruling concerning protection, care or housing under the Social Work Act no. 2828

+10 points

Students with disabilities (with documentation of your disability)

+10 scores

Students who have participated previously (with or without grants)

-10 scores

Participating in mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 scores

Not attending the mobility without renunciation notice despite being chosen for it.

-10 scores

Applying for two mobility types (Reduction upon the type of student's choice of mobility is performed

-10 scores

Declaring to take the language exemption test and unexcused withdrawal from the test (Implemented in case of student's reapplication)

-5 scores

For the students chosen for mobility: Not attending the meetings/trainings about mobility organized by Higher Education Institution without a valid excuse (Implemented in case of student's reapplication)

-5 scores


Below are the grant rates for 2019:


Country Groups

Host Countries

Monthly Grant Rate for Studies (Euro)

Monthly Grant Rate for Internship


Group 1 and 2 Programme Countries

United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece



Group 3 Programme Countries

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia




Grants are aimed not to cover all of the costs arising out of the activities to be charged to students, but to simply be a contribution to the students.