Date: 08 February 2022

ERASMUS+ Online Speaking Exam Important Information

FOREIGN LANGUAGES UNIT ERASMUS+ Online Speaking Exam Important Information

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Exam Date: 10.02.2022

Time: 09:00 - 13:40 (maximum 10 minutes for each student)

Platform: MS TEAMS (online)

• Students are placed in specific sessions. You can find out which session you are in by checking the lists announced on the website.

• Students are expected to be present on Microsoft Teams at the time intervals determined according to the sessions assigned to them and wait for the examiner's call.

• Students will be called according to the appointment lists to be announced on the website. Note that students can be called at any time during the designated session, so be prepared for the examiner's call within the allotted time.

• Instructors will call students at most twice.

• If you encounter any technical problems related to the exam during the exam period, send an e-mail to immediately.

Content of the Exam:

• 2 warm-up questions

• 4-5 questions: About students' views on specific topics, hobbies, interests, plans, wishes and other general topics.

Documents: At the beginning of the exam, a valid ID card (student ID card, driver's license, TR ID card or Passport) must be shown to the examiners via Microsoft Teams. Students are required to prepare their cards before the exam starts.

Equipment: Camera and Microphone

• Students must ensure that they have active cameras and internal or external microphones for the exam to be valid. Students who do not have a working camera and microphone can use their phone's camera and microphone.