Date: 07 May 2018

Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility Additional Applications Have Started

Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility Additional Applications Have Started...

Students who would like to apply for the Traineeship Mobility for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year can apply from May 07 – May 22, 2018.

Who can apply?

Students who will be participating must be a full-time student. Students must carry out a maximum of 2 months of mobility. Students studying in English Preparatory School cannot apply.

How to apply?

Our students will be able to apply online through the Student Information System (OBS). After the online application is completed student must print out the filled application form. Along with the application the student must also retrieve an up-to-date transcript, acceptance letter, and CV, and submit these documents to the International Relations Office.

Who is Eligible?

1-Full-time students enrolled in a higher education program in any of the formal education levels (bachelor, master and PhD).

2- a) At least 2.20 / 4.00 cumulative academic grade average for the first level (Undergraduate / Associate) students.

b) The cumulative academic grade average of the second and third level students (Master and PhD.) should be at least 2.50 / 4.00.

3- If the student has benefited from the program of higher education mobility during the Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning (LLP) period, the total number of months with the new program cannot exceed 12 months.

4- Before the student is selected, the internship should be approved by the respective institution and the acceptance letter must be received.

For detailed information on the Traineeship Mobility, Click here..

Please click here for a list of the institutions that have previously participated in internship mobility.


English Proficiency Exam

Students wishing to study abroad will have to attend the Erasmus Written Language Examination in Doğuş University Acibadem Campus on 24.05.2018. The venue of the Written Exam and the date/venue of the Speaking Exam will be announced by Foreign Languages Unit.


Selection Criteria

The following criteria and weighted points apply when assessing applications:


Weighted Points

Academic Achievement Level

50% (of 100 points in total)

Language Score

50% (of 100 points in total)

Martyrs’ and Veterans’ children

+15 points

Students with Disabilities (to be documented)

+10 points

Previous participation (with or without grant)

-10 points

Participating in the mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 points

Students are ranked according to their total scores and placed based on the quota status of universities and the students’ order of preferred universities. Total quota for the Traineeship Mobility is 13 students. The distribution of grants will be made according to their level of achievement within the university.