Date: 05 November 2021

In Accordance with Article 44 (c), to the attention of Our Students Whose Maximum Education Period Has Expired

In accordance with Article 44 (c) of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, students who have completed their maximum period of study and have the right to take the exams in accordance with the law mentioned can take the courses that are applied, applied and have not been previously taken (unregistered), if they "request", when the course are opened during the opening period of the course in the fall and spring semesters in the academic year.

Students with entries at undergraduate level in the year 2014 and before, at degree level in the year 2017 and before, should apply to the Dean's Office/Directorates with a petition to register for the courses.

You must follow the following procedures to apply.
Click for the application form.

  • Application forms must be filled out and signed by students and submitted or hand-delivered by e-mail to the Dean's Office/ Directorate secretariat from the university extension e-mail address as pdf or photo.

Faculty/Directorate Secretaries E-Mail Addresses

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Law

Economics and Administrative Sciences

Vocational School

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Arts and Design

  • The application form from the students will be finalized by the Dean's Office within 5 working days and the decision will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Directorate.
  • The Student Affairs Directorate will contact the students to complete their financial registration by adding the courses requested in the form to the student automation system.

Within the scope of the Article 44, students who completed the Maximum Study Period and wish to use their right to additional exams will be able to apply on the dates determined in the Academic Calendar.

  • Click here for academic calendar.
  • Click here for application procedures.  
  • We present it for your concern and we wish you success.