Date: 03 August 2019

Contribution To Defense Industry From Doğuş University

Nanotechnology which is accepted as one of the most important future Technologies has already started to appear in products used in Daily life. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology studies which also take an important place in defense industry that the World countries invest on most together with such sectors as medicine, electronics, textile, automotive, has continued by accelerating day by day.

In this regard, Doğuş University has contributed to the book named ‘Nanoscaled Materials In Fixation of War Items: Nanoscience for Security’ published by Springer Publish House, a prestigious Publishing House in Scientific Publishing, in July, 2019

The chapter of the book themed ‘ Volatile Organic Compunds In Water’ written in the sponsorship of NATO has been penned by Associate Professor Doğan ERBAHAR from Doğuş University Mechanical Engineering Programme. Associate Professor Doğan ERBAHAR who has profession in modeling of nanomaterials has revealed the working mechanism of cencors fixing volatile organic compounds in water, therefore he has contributed to the studies in this field. We congratulate our academic member on his success.