Date: 03 December 2020

Doğuş University Sailing Team Won Many Awards In The International Presidential Yacht Race

The International Presidential Yacht Race was held for the first time this year by the Istanbul Offshore Yacht Race Club, under the auspices of the Presidency. The award ceremony of the race, which was held between October 29 and November 1, was held in Esma Sultan Mansion.

At the end of three stages, the winners of general classification in seven different classes received their awards.

In IRC 3 and IRC 4 categories, Doğuş University Sailing Team finished the race in first place for Republic Cup, Blue Homeland Cup and Barbaros Hayrettin Cup. At the same time, the team finished first in the Overall IRC 3-4 categories.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Istanbul Offshore Yacht Race Club President Ekrem Yemlihaoğlu said; "This year, we left behind the first international race we organized under the auspices of our Presidency. I once again congratulate all of our winners. We assumed an important responsibility for the sailing sport to be loved and followed by a wider audience in our country and we are happy to have contributed to the future of this sport through races. And also we are proud that through these races, we contributed to the brand value of Turkey. At this point, we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support. We expect everyone who has devoted  themselves to the sea and the sailing sports to participate in the organizations we will organize in the upcoming years. "