Date: 03 December 2020

Doğuş University students are the winners of Red Bull Basement, Turkey with Plantric Project

The results of the “Red Bull Basement” program, which supports young entrepreneurs interested in technology worldwide, have been announced. Dogus University students from Turkey Aylin Printer and Can Zenginel won the right to develop initiatives in the international arena with “Plantric” initiative.

The finalists selected among 3865 applications from 38 countries were announced and  “Plantric “ became the initiative of Red Bull Basement which was selected among applications submitted from Turkey. Aylin Yazıcı and Can Zenginel gained the opportunity to develop their initiatives in the international arena with Plantric, which was selected among 172 applications.

The project consists of three main parts to keep up with the dynamic world. Plantric's system includes containers for food waste, soil containers and an automatic irrigation system. The system provides energy for the growth and development of each plant by fertilizing the food waste after it is poured on the edge of the container and the soil in the pots with these wastes. The system offers an infrastructure suitable for use and application in many areas thanks to the correct lighting methods. “Plantric” team summarizes their projects with the words "a self-sufficient garden system".

Having the opportunity to work on a suitable ground to develop their projects over the next 5 weeks, the Plantric team will also participate in an international training program.

Aylin Yazıcı, from the Plantric team, stated that; 'We put out short, medium and long-term vision of the best and most understanding, even on the floor and it believing we are happy to come together as a single group of investors Basement Red Bull in Turkey.'

Can Zenginel stated that they would come together with experts in a world-class arena to develop their initiatives. “We will come together with experts in an international arena to develop our initiative. I believe that at each meeting, we will receive support to improve our project by looking at it from different angles, and it will make great contributions to our ideal of advancing our vision ”.