Date: 03 December 2020

The Winner of Nature Contest 2020 Turkey is Batu Hatipoğlu with the Project ‘Helicopter Inspired From A Bee’

The results of internationally held ‘Nature Contest Competition’ were announced. In the competition which had 691 applications from 49 countries, Doğuş University student Batu Hatipoğlu, with the Project ‘Helicopter Inspired From A Bee’, became the winner in Turkey and ninth rank in the World.

Hatipoğlu stated that he had been inspired from a bee when designing his Project and said, ‘I tried to reflect the bee’s curved lines and its soul’.

Batu Hatipoğlu, Doğuş University senior student in Electronics and Communications Engineering, achieved in ‘Nature Gadget Design Category’. In addition to that, due to his success, Hatipoğlu will also take part in ‘Nature Tutor’ magazine which will be published soon.