Women's Studies Application and Research Center

The purpose of the Doğuş University Women's Studies Application and Research Center, which was established after publication in the Official Gazette dated 02.09.2019 and numbered 30876, is to carry out scientific researches and applications in the field of women's studies at national and international levels and to support such researches and applications; organizing panels, seminars, conferences and meetings which have academic and social perspectives; engaging in educational activities; developing projects. Within the framework of the vision and mission of our university, it is among the objectives of our center to develop strategic plans and policy documents and to develop strategies for administrative and academic staff and students; in order to raise awareness of gender equality and not to tolerate sexual harassment and assault. For these purposes, our center will carry out the following activities:

  1. To conduct researches and projects, and to participate in and to support the practices at national and international levels in order to support women's productive contribution to life in all fields such as social, political, legal and economic in both micro and macro levels without any gender discrimination.
  2. To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, panels, congresses, symposiums and colloquiums, exhibitions and all kinds of scientific, artistic and cultural activities related to women's issues at national and international levels.
  3. To engage activities in order to raise awareness on gender and women's issues and to form public opinion; to make publications and to participate in such activities for this purpose.
  4. To propose programs on gender and women's issues within the university and to encourage courses on gender and women's studies in the current undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.
  5. To conduct researches and implementations within the context of the European Union Framework Programs.
  6. To cooperate with similar foreign institutions and to support the exchange and mobility of students and faculty members.
  7. To cooperate and participate in the work of all local, national and international institutions and organizations, including non-governmental organizations directly or indirectly related to women's problems.
  8. Organizing special adult education meetings for women and preparing educational materials.
  9. Creating a library and archive on gender and women's studies.
  10. To ensure and encourage the elaboration of thesis, projects, researches in gender and women's studies in MA and PhD levels.
  11. To carry out other activities determined by the Board of Directors in the field of gender and women’s studies in accordance with the aims and principles of the Higher Education Law.

Director of Doğuş University Women's Studies Application and Research Center