Alumni Office

Alumni Office not only increases the cooperation and collaboration among alumni, but it also develops projects that contribute to their social, cultural and professional life by maintaining lifelong connections with alumni. The office:

  1. Aims at making alumni feel a part of Dogus by maintaining communication networks with the university and with each other.
  2. Informs the alumni about possible work opportunities by gathering information about working alumni’s professional lives.
  3. Keeps track of the alumni through the "Alumni Information System" on webpage "Alumni" and updates the information about meetings, alumni’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  4. Designs projects to make a contribution to alumni’s social, cultural and professional lives.
  5. Informs alumni about the upcoming events that they can participate in the university
  6. Shares the developing academic and sectoral novelties with the alumni
    1. Uses the following addresses for
      Linkedin   : ,
      Twitter     :,
      Facebook :