Student Clubs

Our University’s clubs, who cherish the academic life with social, cultural, artistic and sports activities, make students enjoy the time outside the classrooms, increase their self-confidence and play a significant role in enriching their intellectuality. Clubs are mentored by the university’s academic staff as well as the experts invited to our university.

Student Clubs Lists

  1. Archi Doğuş Architecture Club
  2. Kemalist Ideology Club
  3. Science-Fiction and Fantastic Culture Club
  4. Informatics Club
  5. Environment and Sustainable Life Club
  6. English Clup
  7. Francophone
  8. Chinese Culture Club
  9. Dance Club
  10. Literature Club
  11. Industrial Engineering Club
  12. Economics, International Trade and Business Administration Club
  13. Opinion and Culture Club
  14. Culinary Arts Club
  15. Entrepreneurship Club
  16. Graphics Club
  17. Turkish Aeronautical Association-Doğuş Aviation Club
  18. Dream Club
  19. Animal-lovers Club
  20. Law Club
  21. Independence and Justice Club
  22. Electric and Electronic Engineering Club
  23. Interior Architecture Club
  24. Communication Club
  25. Civil Engineering Club
  26. Career and Development Club
  27. Control and Automatization Club
  28. Mechanical Engineering Club
  29. Humour and Comedy Club
  30. Engineer Brains Club
  31. Discussion Club
  32. Music Club
  33. Audio Club
  34. Psychology Club
  35. Painting Club
  36. Art Club
  37. Cinema and Photography Club
  38. Political Science and Public Administration Club
  39. Sociology Club
  40. Sports Club
    1. Outdoor Sports Group
    2. E-Sports Group
    3. Beşiktaş Fans Club
    4. Fenerbahçe Fans Club
    5. Galatasaray Fans Club
    6. Trabzonspor Fans Club
  41. Sailing Club
  42. Building Project Administration Club
  43. Drama Club
  44. Community Volunteers Club
  45. Tourism and Travel Club
  46. Turkish Language and Literature Club
  47. International Relations Club
  48. Foreign Students Club