Completed Projects

Istanbul Development Agency  Project, TR10/16/YNY0016 “Advanced Security and Protection Technologies: New concept and innovative products against assimetrical urban terrorism”   was started on 2017.  Objectives of the Project can be summarized as follows:

  • Developing practical, light, reinforced mobile, ballistically shielding protection equipment for the security forces against assimetrical urban terrorist attacks.
  • Converting them into prototypes along with the standardized tests and analyisis and present them for the use of the securıty forces.
  • For the whole Project, one of the main objectives is the use and utilization of national raw materilas.

Base on these main objectives, the Project activities were conducted and resulted in a variety of products, 1:1 scale for the applications as prototypes.  Targeted designs and products converted into prototypes and are ready for the applications.   All the demos, prototypes,  ballistical components are all made of from national sources, chemicals and materials.  In this regard, the Project has resulted in successfully for the High Tech Mechanical Laboratory (MİT Lab).  Specifically, based on the developed capabilities utilizing national sources will lead into further innovative and superior products.  Most of the designs and prototypes are also protected via intellectual propriety applications and all belong to Doğuş University.  There is also possibility for the commercialization of these products and ballistical components for serial production, marketing and large scale sales.