Scientific Research Project Support

The financial support directive of Dogus University Scientific Research Projects” has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Scientific Research Projects of Higher Education Institutions. In accordance with this directive, an appropriation allocated from the university budget by the decision of the Board of Trustees is used to support the projects to be realized in our university.

Projects are reviewed and evaluated by a commission established in accordance with the provisions of the directives and those that comply with the rules are supported to the extent possible.

Projects carried out with BAP support

BAP 2016
Project CodeExecutorExecution PeriodBudget Status Status
2015-16-D1-B01Prof. Dr. Barış ÇOBAN2 years (2016, June-2018, June)40,000 TLThe Project Completed
2015-16-D1-B02Prof. Dr. Funda Savaş GÜN, Assist. Prof. Mustafa BÜLBÜL2 years (2016, June-2018, June)48,000 TLThe Project Completed
2015-16-D1-B03Assoc. Prof.  Mine Özyurt KILIÇ2 years (2016, June-2018, June)130,000 TLThe Project Completed
2015-16-D1-B04Prof. Dr. Kazem AZİZİ2 years (2016, June-2018, June)55,900 TLThe Project Completed.
2015-16-D1-B05Prof. Dr. Tarık BAYKARA2 years (2016, June-2018, June)378,000 TLThe Project Completed
2015-16-D1-B06Assist. Prof. Özay ÖZAYDIN2 years (2016, June-2018, June)40,000 TLThe Project Completed

BAP 2017
Project CodeExecutorExecution PeriodBudget Status Status
2016-17-D1-B01Prof.Dr. Sirel KARAKAŞ2 years(Nov 2017- Nov, 2019)333,924.98 TLIn progress

BAP 2018
Project CodeExecutorExecution PeriodBudget Status Status
2017-1S-D2-BOI Prof.Dr. Ahmet Nuri Ceranoğlu2 years (Nov 2018- Nov 2020)220,000.00 TLIn progress


BAP 2019
Project CodeExecutorExecution PeriodBudget Status Status
2018-19-D2-B01Prof. Dr. Funda Savaş GÜN2 years (May 2019-May 2021) 194,757 TL In progress
2018-19-D2-B02Prof. Dr. Funda Savaş GÜN2 years (Aug 2019- Aug 2021) 220,000 TL In progress
2018-19-D2-B03Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Gamze ÖNGEN 1 year (Aug 2019- Aug 2020) 285,820 TL In progress
2018-19-D2-B04Prof. Dr. Mesut KUMRU2 years (Aug 2019- Aug s 2021) 4,650,000 TL In progress