Research Policies

Doğuş University is committed to a pioneering role in the development of our country in the fields of science, technology, art and culture in accordance with its vision of being a world university aiming at excellence in education, research and service to the society. Contributing to science through research and publication is among the priority values ​​of the University.

Within the framework of the Research and Development related objectives in the Strategic Plan, the Research and Development policy of our University has been determined as providing important contributions to the world science in the fields of Science, Engineering, Art, Social and Humanities by producing permanent scientific, technological and artistic works internationally. In this scope, the University attaches importance to the following topics:

1. To increase the quality and quantity of research and publications

2. To conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research

3. Encouraging research with the support of Scientific Research Projects

4. To increase participation in national and international research support funds / programs

5. To create qualified human resources in order to raise scientific production to world standards and to ensure the continuity of this human resource

6. Develop healthy and lasting cooperation with business and country industry

7. To increase national and international cooperation

8. To be a member of national and international scientific organizations and to play an important role in their research / development activities.