Technology Transfer Office

T.C. DOĞUŞ UNIVERSITY, “Technology Transfer Office-DITTO” was established on 16.4.2015. The Office has the following objectives: “Promoting economical and social development through the academical experience and knowledge to transfer the technology to the industrial sectors;  transforming such scientifical expertise into commercial products, process and services to diffuse them into the society; coordinating and managing intellectual propriety rights  of academicians and promoting academical enterpreunership”

The Office’s main activites:

-    Developing University-Industry relationship.  Promoting interrelationship with other national and international Technology Transfer Offices.

-    Informing academicians about recent Project calls and conference/congress/seminars organizations.

-    To promoto contracted Projects with industry.   

-    Providing consultanting and information services for the academical personnel  about the intellectual propriety applications and licencing of technologies.

-    Providing consultanting and information services for the academical personnel   about the commercialization of technologies;  founding spinn off companies for them.  Businesss development and marketing services.